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Did you know?

Energy Power Resources Limited runs the largest straw burning power station in the world at Mepal. A totally different but equally useful activity sees the East Anglian Working Newfoundlands club train these dogs at a lake on the airfield."
Also known as: RAF Mepal / Sutton
Type: Major
County: Cambridgeshire
Date: 15 March 1943 - July 1963
Current Use: Disused
Current Status: Farmland / Industry / Housing / Dog training
Used By: RAF
The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have significant connections with the airfield (as at 01/09/2011):

  • M C V Bus & Coach Ltd
Main unit(s) present:
  • No 7 Sqn
  • No 44 Sqn
  • No 49 Sqn
  • No 75 Sqn
  • No 113 Sqn
  • No 1665 HCU

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