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02 July, 2015

// Hunsdon (South Hunsdon)

Did you know?

Operation Jericho, the special raid on Amiens Prison in France by Mosquitoes of No 140 Wing from Hunsdon during February 18 1944 to breach the jail’s walls and liberate captured Resistance fighters, succeeded in freeing 258 prisoners from certain death and killing many of their German guards."
Also known as: RAF Hunsdon
Type: Major
County: Hertfordshire
Date: 1941 - 1947
Current Use: Limited flying
Current Status: Farmland / Aviation
Used By: RAF / Civil
The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have significant connections with the airfield (as at 01/07/2013):
  • Hunsdon Village Hall

Notable Past Associated Organisations:

  • Falcon Motor Club
Main Unit(s) Present:

  • No 3 Sqn

    No 4 Casualty Air Evacuation Unit

    No 9 Personnel Despatch Centre

    No 21 Sqn

    No 29 Sqn

    No 85 Sqn

    No 140 Airfield

    No 147 (Night Fighter) Wing

    No 148 (Night Fighter) Wing

    No 151 Sqn

    No 154 Sqn

    No 157 Sqn

    No 219 Sqn

    No 264 Sqn

    No 285 Sqn

    No 287 Sqn

    No 409 Sqn

    No 410 Sqn

    No 418 Sqn

    No 441 Sqn

    No 442 Sqn

    No 464 Sqn

    No 487 Sqn

    No 488 Sqn

    No 501 Sqn

    No 515 Sqn

    No 530 Sqn

    No 611 Sqn

    No 1451 (Fighter) Flight

    No 1459 (Fighter) Flight

    No 1530 BAT Flight

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