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01 July, 2015

// Aston Down (Minchinhampton)

Also known as: AFC Minchinhampton / RAF Aston Down / RAF Minchinhampton
Type: Major
County: Gloucestershire
Date: February 1918 - February 1976
Current Use: Limited flying
Current Status: Farmland / Industry / Aviation
Used By: RAF / Civil
The following organisations are either based at, use and/or have significant connections with the airfield (as at 01/09/2011):

  • Cherington Parish Council
  • Defra
  • Grass Strip Aviation Ltd
  • La Hacienda Ltd
  • MASCo Salvage
  • Sapperton Parish Council
Main unit(s) present:

  • No 2 FP

    No 2 (Home) FU

    No 3 TEU

    No 4 Sqn

    No 5 MU

    No 5 OTU

    No 5 Overseas Aircraft Despatch Unit

    No 5 (Training) Sqn AFC

    No 6 (Training) Sqn AFC

    No 7 Aircraft Storage Unit

    No 8 (Training) Sqn AFC

    No 9 FP ATA

    No 9 FPP

    No 12 Gp Pool

    No 20 MU

    No 27 Gp Comms Flight

    No 52 OTU

    No 52 OTU (Fighter Leaders School)

    No 52 OTU (Fighter Command School of Tactics)

    No 55 OTU

    No 81 Gp Comms Flight

    No 83 GS

    No 84 Gp Support Unit

    No 98 Sqn

    No 180 Sqn

    No 187 Sqn

    No 1311 Transport Flight

    No 1689 (Ferry Pilot Training) Flight


    Cotswold GC

    University of West England GC

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